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Our Total Myopia Program

At Total Vision Del Mar, we understand that children struggling with myopia need quality care. So, we’re proud to offer the “Total Myopia” program. 

Our “Total Myopia” program helps our team use technology to assess, care for, and develop personalized treatment strategies for myopia control. These comprehensive strategies include:

  • Customized eye drops, soft multifocal contacts, and overnight lenses
  • A systematic approach with scheduled follow-up appointments to provide consistent medical oversight and management for maintaining optimal eye health
  • Assessments tailored to individual patient needs
  • Thorough training on how to use, insert, and remove contact lenses
  • An ongoing regimen for myopia control with a focus on achieving lasting results

For myopia control in San Diego, contact us to schedule your appointment and experience how our dedicated team takes a hands-on approach to eye care.

Our Approach to Myopia Control

Myopia control is an area of eye care that uses different tools and treatments to prevent or slow myopia progression. Depending on your child’s specific needs, our team can prescribe myopia management options that include:

  • Ortho-k contact lenses
  • MiSight 1 day lenses
  • Low-dose atropine drops

We work with you and your child to help you understand myopia and how we can help manage it. 

How Myopia Can Affect Your Children

Myopia can make it much harder for kids to succeed at school because of the challenges caused by blurry vision. Moreover, if myopia isn’t addressed for younger children, there may be an increased risk of progression to high myopia, potentially leading to adult eye health complications such as:

  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal tears and detachment
  • Cataracts
  • Myopic macular degeneration

These risks make it all the more important to slow the progression of myopia, especially for younger children.

Myopia Signs & Symptoms to Look Out for

The earlier we detect myopia in children, the better we can help manage it. Keep an eye out for common symptoms like eye strain, difficulty seeing objects at a distance, squinting, or frequent headaches. Any of these symptoms could indicate that your child might be experiencing nearsightedness.

At Total Vision Del Mar, we use the ZEISS i.Profiler plus to perform quick and accurate measurements on both eyes. Using the i.Profiler plus, our team can identify and monitor the progression of myopia, enabling us to design personalized treatment plans based on individual eye health. 

Our Myopia Control Methods

There are numerous options to help kids control myopia while their eyes are still growing. At Total Vision Del Mar, we offer solutions personalized to meet the unique needs of each child. 

The first step is a comprehensive eye exam with our team. From there, we can determine if myopia control methods such as ortho-k lenses could be beneficial for your child.

Orthokeratology contact lenses, also known as ortho-k lenses, are worn overnight by children to reshape their cornea, providing temporary clear vision and helping reduce long-term myopia progression. In the morning, your kids can simply remove the lenses and enjoy clear vision all day long.

Ortho-k lenses can be particularly helpful for children who engage in physical activities such as sports, as they can participate without concerns about breaking or losing their glasses. Ortho-k lenses offer a great solution for managing mild to moderate myopia in children.

MiSight 1 day lenses are soft contact lenses that can assist with managing myopia for children. These lenses feature ActivControl technology, which helps correct and decelerate myopia progression in children aged 8–12 years old at the beginning of their treatment.

By altering the way light focuses on the retina, these lenses can signal the eye to decrease its growth and prevent further myopia progression. Clinical studies have demonstrated that MiSight contacts can reduce myopia by an average of 59%, and many kids find them preferable to glasses.

NaturalVue contact lenses are multifocal contact lenses designed specifically for myopia management and are clinically proven to help control the progression of myopia. They can be a convenient daily disposable option for optimal hygiene and comfort.

Whether you’re looking for myopia correction for your kids or want to address your own vision needs, NaturalVue contact lenses can offer a customizable solution for a range of prescriptions.

Low-dose atropine eye drops can help manage myopia. These drops work by suppressing the eye’s growth to slow myopia progression. When your child uses low-dose atropine drops, we might still recommend wearing contact lenses or glasses during the day to help keep your child’s vision clear.

In Your Corner Against Myopia

Dealing with myopia can be tough, but you’re not alone in this journey. Reach out to Total Vision Del Mar, where we’re ready and eager to provide the care your child may need. Let’s tackle myopia together to help your child enjoy a lifetime of healthy vision.

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