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A High-Tech Approach to Clearer Vision

Laser eye surgery allows some people to improve their eyesight without glasses or contact lenses. If you have vision problems, laser eye surgery might be an effective long-term solution.

Laser eye surgery can be a big decision, so you’ll need to consult an eye doctor before going ahead with it. Our team offers in-depth laser eye surgery consultations to help you make informed decisions.

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation & Follow-Up Process

When you book a laser eye surgery consultation with us, we collect information regarding the:

  • Thickness of your cornea.
  • Stability of your vision.
  • Current prescription for your eyes.
  • Medical history of yourself and your family.

If we determine that you are a strong candidate for laser eye surgery, we explain the potential outcomes so you know what to expect from the procedure. After that, the decision is yours.We also perform follow-up appointments after each surgery to help all patients heal properly. Follow-ups help reduce complications after laser eye surgery, promoting health and comfort.

Types of Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK is the most popular type of laser eye surgery. It is 98.5% effective when used to correct nearsightedness and myopic astigmatism.

Ophthalmologists perform LASIK by using a laser to create a small flap on the surface of your eye. They then use a computer-programmed laser to reshape the tissue underneath and replace the flap afterward.

Recovery times for LASIK are relatively short. Most patients experience clear vision within a day and stable vision within 3 months.

Patients with thin corneas may not be suitable LASIK candidates since the flap created during LASIK might come loose after the procedure. PRK represents a potential alternative to LASIK in such cases.

Ophthalmologists perform PRK by using a laser to remove the outer surface of the eye entirely and reshape the tissue underneath it. PRK tends to have even higher patient satisfaction rates than LASIK. However, PRK recovery times are also longer, taking 1 to 3 weeks to resume normal activities and up to 3 months to recover fully.

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The best way to learn more about laser eye surgery is to speak with an eye doctor. Contact us to book a laser eye surgery consultation and have your questions about these procedures answered.

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